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舊 09-03-02, 01:17 AM   #1
Junior Member
註冊日期: Sep 2002
文章: 3
Arrow Where do you guys buy illusion 3d games ??

hi all, i'm a newbies & only interested in 3dhgames by illusion.

i've bought the original version of Requeim 2, Battle Raper so far, both from Shun Woo 2/F, but i think the price is quite expensive ($680 for Req 2 & $750 for BR).

tonight i just asked how much for Des Blood 4 (DVD version), but the guy told me it costs $800 & i can take it the next after release (i.e. Sep 14) i really like this game & i know i'll order it by the end of this week, just curious if any of you know where to pre-order original games & the usual delivery time after release.

thanks all
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舊 09-03-02, 10:52 AM   #2
Yakumo Fujii
註冊日期: Mar 2002
文章: 6,699
PSN  IDYakumoFujii
歡迎!!歡迎!! (呢o的唔係應該彩子講o既咩!? )

想用比較合理價錢買Game 可到呢度o既買賣專區水貨星人

如有credit card 又有網上購物經驗!!
可到Quick Soft
寫封e-mail 打晒個人資料,地址,TEL ,Credit Card Number & Credit Card Expire Date 要訂乜Game 落order 就得!!
不過送貨時間有時頗耐!!(特別是最近更耐 )
至少要一星期!!(最長可能一個月!! )

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舊 09-03-02, 11:23 AM   #3
註冊日期: Jan 2002
文章: 2,442
PSN  IDForceAngel
歡迎!!歡迎!! (是但啦~~!! 反正你平時都幫我代答o甘多o野... )


QuickSoft 用e-mail訂Game o個陣最好標明清楚廠商同埋訂Game list入面o既"code",例如:

コード   タイトル                        発売元
A-020663 DES BLOOD4 ~LOST ALONE~ DVD-ROM(先行予約対象) イリュージョン

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舊 09-03-02, 06:06 PM   #4
Junior Member
註冊日期: Sep 2002
文章: 3
Thank you Yakumo Fujii & 片桐彩子,

okay i'll take a look at 水貨星人 and see if i 'll order there, and what do you all think about illusion's games ??

i like Reqeuim 2 alot but quite dissappointed about Battle Raper, as i dont know japanese, i am not interested in static AVG games though the storyline maybe very good.

and finally i meet my first 3D hgamesDes Blood 3 (private version of course la), i am trully attarcted by its H scene presentation method (other than static picture with voice) & storyline & gameplay (really love the car chase portion). so i've played several of the illusion games like Req 2, Biko 2, Interact Play VR & Battle Raper.
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舊 09-03-02, 06:14 PM   #5
Peter Yu
God of Gamer
註冊日期: May 2002
文章: 5,792
PSN  ID好叻喎嗝時能非牆巧
XBox Live GamertagPeter789
You better use Chinese when you talk to水貨星人,
because he said he don't like people talk to him in English,
maybe he'll ignore your order.


╰ ╯

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