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註冊日期: Jan 2002
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[XB]Xboxの全世界累計販売台数1,370万台 - Xbox Live 75万人

Xboxの全世界累計販売台数は1,370万台に - Xbox Liveは75万人

 米マイクロソフトは、本日第2四半期決算を発表した。利益は前年同期より17%減少の15億5,000万ドルに、売上高は過去最高の101億5,000万ドルとなった。以下、Xboxに関連する諸所データを掲載(いずれも2003年12月31日時点 )。

ホーム&エンターテイメント部門 売上高: 12億7,000万ドル(前年同期比5%減 )

四半期におけるXboxの販売台数: 6%の減少

Xbox累計販売台数:   1,370万台 (6月末までに1,450~1,600万台の計画 )
  内米国    :   860万台
  内欧州(PAL地域 )   370万台
  内日本(アジア地域 ) 140万台

Xbox Live会員数: 75万人 (6月末までに100万人の計画 )

クリスマスの後の2週間は予想よりも強かった。最初の2週間は弱かった(ロビー・バック氏 )

[2004年1月23日 14時12分]
情報元: マイクロソフト

Microsoft reports Q2 revenues: Xbox sales off, Live subs climb
Microsoft Corp. releases quarterly numbers that put Xbox sales at 13.7 million worldwide, says Live subscribers now measure 750K.

Microsoft Corp today released revenue figures for the fiscal quarter that ended December 31, 2003. Overall, the company reported earnings of $1.55 billion for the quarter, an amount off 17 percent from the same quarter a year ago.

Earnings at the Home and Entertainment division, which includes all Xbox operations, fell 5 percent, to $1.27 billion, from the same quarter a year ago. Microsoft reported that Xbox unit sales for the quarter fell 6 percent.

Taking the long view, the Xbox manufacturer said worldwide sales of the console through December 31, 2003, totaled 13.7 million units. Microsoft is holding fast to its target of selling 14.5 to 16 million units by the end of June.

"The last two weeks of Christmas were a little stronger than we had expected, and the first two weeks of December were a little weaker," Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach told Reuters. Recent GameSpot coverage of Sony and Electronics Boutique has shown that those companies reported similar spikes in late-December sales.

Xbox Live numbers are growing according to plan, according to Microsoft. Less than two weeks ago, Bach was still citing Xbox Live subscriber numbers of 500,000. Today, that number was adjusted to 750,000. In a conversation with Reuters, Bach reaffirmed his goal of adding to that tally and reaching the 1 millionth subscriber milestone by the end of June, 2004.

By Curt Feldman, GameSpot [POSTED: 01/22/04 06:39 PM]
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God of Gamer
註冊日期: Dec 2001
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xbox live算係好成功架啦
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