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[PS2]SD Gundam Force For PS2

SD Gundam Force For PS2
Bandai plans to release a PlayStation 2 game based on the SD Gundam Force cartoon series, according to promotional materials sent to retailers and the press today. A 3D action game based on the Cartoon Network show's charming midget mecha is on track for a US release in the summer of next year.
SD Gundam Force is a new series based on a concept created in the '80s -- a comedy featuring "superdeformed" versions of the giant robots from the Mobile Suit Gundam action shows. The game adaptation will feature characters from the show alongside original heroes, as new recruits to the Super Dimensional Guard fight to rescue the leaders of the Gundam Force.

The first (extremely small) screens of SD Gundam Force in Bandai's promotional documents show a 3D action game from a 3/4-perspective scene-focused camera, with relatively confined levels, but an abundance of cute SD robots. According to Bandai's marketing plan, we'll see more of the game over the first few months of 2004, so look forward to more updates then.
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