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[全機種]Bandai數碼暴龍新作"Digimon World 4"圖片

Pre-E3 2004: Digimon World 4
It's up to YOU to save the Digital World.

March 26, 2004 - Today, Bandai released its Electronic Entertainment Expo 2004 lineup. Among the titles mentioned was the elusive Digimon World 4, which hasn't seen the public eye since Bandai announced its 2004 lineup in late January. While details remain sparse, it can be imagined that Digimon World 4 will retain the action RPG elements from prior World games that mixed aspects of the Pokemon battle system with virtual pet raising.

For those not in the know, Digimon is a fairly popular animated series about seven kids who are unexpectedly transported to another world while at summer camp. In this strange Digital World, they are befriended by small monsters called Digimons. These monsters lead the kids through Digital World and protect them from evil Digimons. Of course, the evil creatures aren't really mean -- they've been corrupted by an evil power. It's up to the kids to stop this evil while trying to find a way home.
In Digimon World 4, you're a Digital Security Guard. It's up to you investigate a mysterious new world that was discovered during a freak security breach (which also terminated the connection with the Real World). Hopefully, your search will uncover the source of the problem and return peace to the Digital World.

Throughout this four player action RPG, you'll get to play as your favorite Digmon from the animated series (how this correlates to your role as a security officer is unknown). This time around, your fights will take place in real-time thanks to an enhanced battle system. By mastering skills and techniques, you'll be able to unlock special Digi-evolved Digimon.

Bandai plans to release Digimon World 4 on GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 sometime this summer (probably at the end of May ). Expect more details to surface at E3. Meanwhile, a few snippets of character art can be found in our media pages.

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