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註冊日期: Jan 2002
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[PS2]Jak III 開發中!?

Jak III in the Works
Naughty Dog digs in for more character-driven action. First details.

January 08, 2004 - In its 32-bit years, we could have guessed that each year popular developer Naughty Dog was going to make a sequel to its smash-hit platformer, Crash Bandicoot; and for four years running, it did. But those days of relative predictability seem long gone, as this current generation of systems has created different rules for a newer time.

With sales of Jak and Daxter delivering the message on the waning popularity of platformers (until the J&D picked up under the Greatest Hits lower price), Naughty Dog's sequel Jak II played more like an action game with platform character controls, and so far sales indicate the masses like it well enough. But the series is far from hitting the heights of the former Crash Bandicoot days. Which is why it's interesting to have learned that Naughty Dog is now hard at work on Jak III (working title).

According to Swedish Superplay, Naughty Dog is indeed in the early stages of creating a third in the series. During a visit to see Jak II: Renegade (which is what it's called in Europe), Superplay's writer Thomas Wiborgh saw some early work on the game including several desert environments, and learned it will make its debut in May 2004 at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3).

Sony Computer Entertainment America was unable to return our phone call prior to the publishing of this story, but the company does not comment on "rumors," and it has not made an official announcement on a sequel to that series currently. We'll have more as soon as we find out more.
-- Douglass C. Perry
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