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[NDS]Soul Cailbur DS?


Mag scan
Soul Calibur Remake

We have an excellent piece of news for fans of fighting games; Namco has announced that it is currently developing a remake of the first arcade Soul Calibur, for the recently released Nintendo DS. Among the characteristics that the game will have, it has been commented that it will surpass the original in terms of graphics as well as audio; also, it will include an option where we can perform special moves, with only pressing one button. If you're asking yourself if Link is going to be included in the game, everything seems to be indicating that he won't, this being because Namco does not want the game's story to be altered, so the hero will continue to be a Cube exclusive. As you may have noticed, the Nintendo DS is receiving lots of support, there is no party that is not working in some project for the handheld, and the best thing is that this is only the beginning.

I can say that this magazine is the real thing. I used to read it when I lived in Chile, it is like a Spanish version of Nintendo Power. They have been in existence since the NES days and they've always reported true pieces of news for Nintendo's systems.
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唔可能靚過dc版掛, dc版係近乎完美....不過都係期待啦~
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