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下次鈴木裕(在2019年)會再公布 莎木3 為咗要畫面更靚, 加入AI, 要改為PS5首發作品, 玩在銳意開發中, 會以2020年內發售為目標.
另外, 由於新平台開發成本會大幅上升, 需要大家再back過.

請大家支持SEGA, 支持SONY, 支持PS4, 支持PS5, 支持AI, 支持再back過.

"Sony's engineers suck at GPU design, as the GS proves. The Dreamcast with a older GPU design destroys the GS in the PS2 when it comes to features. The GS is a very simple rendering part. Sony bragged so much about how many pixels they can push, but never talked about the quality of the pixels being pushed." - Edge

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