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註冊日期: Sep 2002
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Sexy Motha ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Two friends break into song, crash a PTA meeting, and tell us why they love moms. A lot.


What's the first thing that you look for when you're checkin' out a sexy lady?

You know it was the curves on that girl that were drivin' me crazy

That's just cuz our brain hasn't changed since our caveman days

A big-titted cavelady could feed so many cavebabies

But we've evolved, so stop thinking like a neanderthal

Sure, I like boobies, too, but dude, let me tell you that ain't all

I want a girl who likes to eat organic

Read Dr. Seuss out loud

If she's putting love into it while she's raising her child

I wanna combine our DNA right now

Yeah, I want those mothas,

Moms are like no other lovas

Oh, I want a girl with a big, fat vocabulary

If you a mother, come on let me pull back the covers,

I'm sorry I rumpled your duvet, but I had to work on that booty

'Cause a woman with a child, always drives me wild

Ladies pushin' toddlers on a swing,

Girl, I know you can take care of your offspring.

She got a minivan with those fold-down seats,

We can pull over and get it while the baby's asleep.

And the kid can be my built-in mini-best buddy,

We can play Nintendo after I help him study.

Little Jimmy's dad puts him in timeout,

Makes me want to be a stepdad no doubt.

Good baby makin's the challenge we face,

So I wanna work with a mother on the future of the human race!

Yeah, I want those mothas,

Moms are like no other lovas.

Let's get busy puttin' money in a college fund.

If you a mother, let's get our debt restructured.

We can pay off our student loans,

And then go upstairs and bone.

Moms love unconditionally,

Just a bit of that love would be enough for me.

I want those mothas,

Moms are like no other lovas.

Someday you could be a grandma,

That's twice as hot.

If you're a mother,

I wanna give your child a brother (or a sister).

I just wanna give them chromosomes a happy home.

Ohhh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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