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A8 Prediction

A8•Manufacturer - TSMC on HKMG 20nm process
•Die Size - 100-120 mm2
•Designer - Apple
•CPU Type - 1.5GHz Third Generation Custom Apple Core
•Core Count - 2
•Instruction Set - ARMv8-A (with custom Apple extensions)
•Chip Designator - S5L8970X
•L1 Cache - 64/64KB
•L2 Cache - 1MB
•L3 Cache - 4MB
•RAM - 2GB LPDDR3 @ 1600 MHz (64 bit interface, PoP for iPhone)
•Max Theoretical Memory Bandwidth - 12.8 GB/s
•GPU Type - "Hex Cluster" PowerVR GX6650 @ 450 MHz
•GPU Performance - 172.8/354.6 GFlops (FP32/FP16)

"Sony's engineers suck at GPU design, as the GS proves. The Dreamcast with a older GPU design destroys the GS in the PS2 when it comes to features. The GS is a very simple rendering part. Sony bragged so much about how many pixels they can push, but never talked about the quality of the pixels being pushed." - Edge
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