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Metroid: Samus Returns (Mercury Steam, Metroid 2 reimagining, 9/15) announced for 3DS
Gameplay Details:
  • 2.5D graphics
  • Based on Metroid II, you still have the Metroid counter
  • Rather than the old rumbling earthquakes, there are Chozo gates where you place
  • Metroid DNA obtained from killed Metroids to modify the world
  • Free aiming of the beam rather than being locked to angles (audio cue and highlight when pointed at enemy)
  • Pickups now automatically pulled in without charge beam
  • A melee move that can be used to counter and stun enemies that get too close to you or charge you, boss fights have QTE counters and finishers
  • Enemies killed after counters will drop more pickups
  • Some bosses will have sparkles that briefly appear that, if hit, will drop health/missiles mid fight for you
  • Beam switching (power and ice shown)
  • Place colored pins on the map
  • Fast travel points known as teleport stations
  • "Aeion abilities," powers that have to be replenished with pickups similar to health and missiles
  • One example is a pulse that outlines unexplored parts of map in a 10x10 grid around you and will highlight things like bombable blocks on the current screen
  • Another is a shield that powers up your melee and absorbs damage in exchange for draining your Aeion meter

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