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Guitar Hero IV

Guitar Hero IV
Published by: Activision Blizzard
Developed by: *TBA
Genre: Music
Release Date:
Also Available On: PS3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii

Interview With Activision CEO
Activision C.E.O. Bobby Kotick bought Guitar Hero and became a star. But will competitors' aggressive moves—like Electronic Arts' hostile bid for Take-Two—knock him on his ax?

Guitar Hero IV Branching Out
Maybe call it Rock Band Hero.

by Daemon Hatfield

April 21, 2008 - The Guitar Hero franchise is more popular than ever, but the music game is facing tough competition from Rock Band. How will Activision's guitar-only game stay competitive in the face of Electronic Arts' band-in-a-box? When Guitar Hero 4 is released later this year, it may be harder to tell the two products apart.

Speaking in the May issue of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick revealed some of Guitar Hero's future plans. Other instruments are apparently getting the Hero treatment, including vocals. The fourth installment of the franchise will also let players jam along with local bands from their area.

"It's not just about guitars," Kotick says. "We'll include a lot of other instruments, vocals. It will help us expand internationally. It's the first game we've had in which we can use local content and local bands."

IGN is awaiting clarification from Activision.

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