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註冊日期: Mar 2018
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Nintendo Switch IDSW-4660-5409-0901
3.2.0 update


⁠•⁠Paints better (when firing downward from high height?)
⁠•⁠Damage to Rainmaker Shield increased by 10%
•⁠Splattershot Junior (Custom)
⁠•⁠Got a new special ink tank with a 10% higher capacity than a regular ink tank.
⁠•⁠No accuracy penalty when shooting midair
⁠•⁠Paints better (when firing downward from high height?)
•⁠Luna Blaster
⁠•⁠Accuracy penalty after jumping decreased by 20%
•⁠L3 Nozzlenose
⁠•⁠11% move speed increase when shooting
•⁠H3 Nozzlenose
⁠•⁠Something about damage distribution when shooting once
⁠•⁠Paints wall better
⁠•⁠When holding down ZR, decreased time before rapid fire by 6 frames
•⁠All Rollers
⁠•⁠Decreased ink comsumption at max speed by 33%
⁠•⁠Charge speed in air adjusted to be the same as on ground
⁠•⁠15% damage increase to rainmaker shield at full charge
•⁠Hydra Splatling
⁠•⁠Full charge damage 35>40, partial charge damage 28>32
•⁠Undercover Brella
⁠•⁠Canopy now fully repaired on kill/assist, even if destroyed before
•⁠Rapid Blasters (Pro)
⁠•⁠6% range decrease on explosions
•⁠Ballpoint Splatling
⁠•⁠Decreased charge speed in air by 33%
•⁠Dualie Squelcher
⁠•⁠Increased ink comsumption when shooting by 20%


•⁠Point sensor
⁠•⁠Velocity increased by roughly 21%, increasing its flight range.
⁠•⁠Ink consumption 70% > 55% of ink tank.
⁠•⁠Maximum tracking time shortened by 1.5 seconds.
⁠•⁠Explosion range reduced by about 7%.


•⁠Tenta missiles
⁠•⁠If only one target is selected, 10 missiles are fired and scatters around the target.
⁠•⁠If two target are selected, 5 missiles per target are fired at a faster rate than before.
⁠•⁠Special Power Up now also increase the coverage of missiles explosion.
⁠•⁠Can now target the Rainmaker Shield.
⁠•⁠Damage to the shield reduced by 50%.
⁠•⁠Will now indicates how many missiles will be shot per target
⁠•⁠Increased painting radius when landing and less gaps in the coverage.
⁠•⁠The landing marker is easier to see, and will now display a timer to know when the user will land.

Point AdjustmentWeapon|Old|New
.96 Gal Deco|190|180
Custom Blaster|180|190
Clash Blaster|170|180
Clash Blaster Neo|170|180
Rapid Blaster Deco|180|190
Hero Slother Replica|180|190
Mini Splatling|180|190
Ballpoint Splatling|190|200
Splat Dualies|180|190
Hero Dualies|180|190
Enperry Splat Dualies|190|200
Dualie Squelchers|180|190
Custom Dualie Squelchers|190|200
Dark Tetra Dualies|170|190

Edit 1:

Ranked changes/bugfix

•⁠Refined the way the game divides players into team based on their weapons characteristics.
•⁠Fixed an issue about Clam Blitz and Rank X rankings incorrectly showing your rank as S+9 if your actual rank was between S+0/+8 (or something like that, I'm not totally sure).
•⁠Fixed an issue with Rank X rankings of the previous month being incorrectly displayed.

Credit to Zemaskedman on r/splatoon.
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